NOVEMBER 18-20TH, 2015


Who we are

The Anillo project, "Search and Matching: Assets, Unemployment, and Governance" is spearheaded by a collective of researchers conducting work on markets characterized by search frictionsThe project is also intended to be a contribution to the country’s public policy and it will draw upon the additional support of MA and doctoral stream students, including a post-doctoral fellow. The results stemming from the research component of this project ring will be presented and discussed during its annual workshops.


Elton Dusha on the Panama papers

Elton Dusha wrote an oped on inequality and the Panama papers in the Chilean newspaper El Pulso. You can read the article here.

Op-ed on "Aging, the labor market and pensions"

SMAUG researchers wrote an op-ed on "Aging, the labor market and pensions" in the Chilean newspaper El Pulso. You can read the article here.

SMAUG researcher publishes in the Journal of Monetary Economics

In a new article published in the Journal of Monatery Economics, Alexandre Janiak and Paulo Santos Monteiro provide a theory for the existence of automatic stabilizers based on demographics: output volatility is lower in countries with a heavy tax burden because young workers participate less in the labor market. You can read more about it here.

SMAUG researchers publish a paper on the life-cycle aspects of unemployment

Why do young workers suffer higher unemployment than prime aged? Why is their participation rate lower? Are the reasons the same as for old workers? SMAUG researchers Alexandre Janiak and Benjamin Villena published a paper in the Economic Journal on "Unemployment, participation and worker flows over the life cycle". You can read more about it here.